MiniMycophone workshop

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Invitation to the workshop!

Make your own communication plug-in with underground network of the world! Social networks within the human species are our everyday life, they define our identity and expand our communication biotope in unimaginable ways. Do you want to connect to an even larger network, go beyond human race, enter the real ‘underground’ and go where no human ear has gone before? Do you want to bring the sound out of mushrooms and connect with the largest organism in the world, learn how fungi can replace plastics, cure people and save the world? All this these secrets of our planet’s underground will be revealed in the workshop about the importance of mushrooms in our ecosystem and about their cultivation. You will also be able to find your connection with the mushroom by making your very own biohacked music box – MiniMycophone.


Saša Spačal, Mirjan Švagelj, PhD and Anil Podgornik

Photos: Miha Fras, Saša Spačal
Project website:Mycophone_genus
More information: Hackteria, DIY instructions

Soft Control: festival TOMORROW, Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia
Radiona, Technical museum, Zagreb, Croatia
Biotehna, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Saša Spačal, Mirjan Švagelj, Anil Podgornik