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MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle is an on/off_line performative workshop that evokes and employs the mycelial mind of the participants with knowledge gathering practices and embodied mycology. The workshop conveys myth-making methodologies to a wider audience of artists, students and general public. Participants create their own mycomythological, speculative stories and reflect on stories generated by previous participants, while learning about World Networks Entanglement also known as planetary infrastructures with focus on fungal underground networks.
Throughout the workshop various modes and technologies of learning, storytelling and knowledge exchange are performed, employed and learned: Sharing Stories Practice, How to be a Mushroom Hunter Soundwalk, Spores and Networks Guided Meditation, Fungal Storytelling Objects, Carrier Bag Weaving Video Tutorial and Mycelial Map-Making.


Access the Online Experience of the Storytelling Circle
UCLA Sci|Art Ars Electronic Garden, Linz, Austria [September, 2021]



MycoMythologies is a series of ontogenetic mythological stories, biotechnological installations Patterning and Rupture, storytelling workshops Storytelling Circle and a video essay Infrastructures for Each Other. The series researches the multilayered question of how mushrooms can help humans think about the possibilities of entangled life in capitalist ruins. As a speculative artistic research, MycoMythologies thinks not only about how fungal underground networks can inform humans, but also about how technologies tend to define the teachings that humans receive.

MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle, 2021
Saša Spačal, Kaitlin Bryson

Carrier Bag Weaving tutorial
Performer: Kaitlin Bryson
Video: Matea Friend

How to be a Mushroom Hunter soundwalk
Voice: Whitney Myer
Sound: Saša Spačal, Pim Boreal

Special thanks: Victoria Vesna, Irena Borić


Storytelling Circle
Saša Spačal, Kaitlin Bryson

Off_/On_line performative workshop

KID Kibla


Access the Online Experience of the Storytelling Circle
UCLA Sci|Art Ars Electronic Garden, Linz, Austria [September, 2021]

Performed workshops
Design+Science Summer School, Divaška jama, Slovenia [July, 2023]
Prague City University, Prague, Czech Republic [November, 2021]
ČIPke initiative, Rampa Laboratory, Kersnikova Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia [November, 2021]
UCLA Sci|Art Ars Electronic Garden, Linz, Austria [September, 2021]
Hochschule für Künste Bremen, Bremen, Germany [August, 2021]
UCLA Sci|Art Lab + Studio, California NanoSystems Institute, Los Angeles, California, United States [July, 2021]
School for Multispecies Knowledges, Zone2Source, Amsterdam, Netherlands [May, 2021]
UCLA ArtSci Center, Department of Design Media Arts, Los Angeles, United States [April, 2021]
Multimedia center KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia [March – April, 2021]

First collaborative written story of MycoMythologies: Storytelling Circle is scheduled to be published in Antenna, The Journal of Nature and Visual Culture in November, 2022.